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This project is a rancher API wrapper developed for using as webhooks in a Continuous Integration tool like Jenkins.

It's based on the great PHP wrapper written for laravel here.

It doesn't include lots of functions, but for our CI process is enough.

First of all, for use it you have to set these ENVS:

 - APP_ENV=local                                     // standard for laravel
 - APP_DEBUG=false                                   // standard for laravel
 - APP_KEY=SomeRandomString                          // standard for laravel
 - CACHE_DRIVER=file                                 // standard for laravel
 - SESSION_DRIVER=file                               // standard for laravel
 - QUEUE_DRIVER=sync                                 // standard for laravel

 - RANCHER_BASE_URL=http://rancher.domain:81/v1/     // Rancher Api url
 - RANCHER_ACCESS_KEY=access                         // Rancher Access Key
 - RANCHER_SECRET_KEY=secret                         // Rancher secret Key

 - BASIC_AUTH=1                                      // Enable Basic Auth
 - HTPASSWD=user:pass_encrypted                      // Basic Auth Data 

Rancher keys can be found in Rancher UI -> API -> Add Environment API KEY

Basic Auth Data can be generated from command line or with online tools like this.

This project is "Docker Ready" and can be deployed on same Rancher environment.

Available Endpoints:

Return the list of available hosts with hardware info

Return more host informations (like labels, endpoints etc)

Return the list of all stacks configured

Return the stack and all services inside

Return an array of services for a stack

Return a service from a stack

Return the list of all services configured

Return a single service

Upgrade a service pulling ALWAYS the new image and starting new containers before stopping old ones.

Finish the upgrade of a service, can be called immediately after the upgrade request, it waits that the service state changes to 'upgraded' and it finishes the upgrade changing the state to active again.

Can scale a service with the count of instance passed in url.

Use with Jenkins:

For use it with jenkins you can install the HTTP Request Plugin and call first the "upgrade" endpoint and after the "finish_upgrade" endpoint.
The jenkins build will fail if something goes wrong during the upgrade process and the build will be completed only when the service will finish the upgrade.


A php wrapper for use rancher API. Used for scale or upgrade services







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