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Known Issues

Period 1 Slow to Start

When an experimenter clicks to start the first period of a ConG experiment, the control program distributes to all client machines the full payoff and draw functions for all periods. This process may take several seconds, particularly when the configuration file is quite large (many periods are in use and/or when arbitrary matching and grouping is in use), and when ConG extensibility is used.

We therefore strongly encourage experimenters to used the first period as one (perhaps of of several) practice/unpaid periods.

Some displays incompatible with others in an experiment.

With the heatmap selector in use, the "corners" display (heatmap information is suppressed) cannot follow a period in which the heatmap is visible - when a corners periods follows a heatmap period, the heatmap tends to be visible. We suggest doing a number of Test.jar and full lab pilots before running an experiment with paid subjects, hopefully catching these issues beforehand.

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