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Leftover Rover is an on-demand, location-based web app that enables peer-to-peer interaction for leftover food delivery.
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Leftover Rover was borne out of the frustration of going to an Italian restaurant before a concert and coming across one of life's most existential dilemmas...what to do with the pound of Spaghetti and Meatballs leftovers while trying to rock out to a favorite band.

An idea was hatched - what if we could take the ride-hailing idea and turn it into a courier service for our leftovers?

When a user presses the "Find Me a Rover" button, we will broadcast this request to the nearest drivers and assign the one who accepts with a pickup location. After the leftovers are picked up, the driver will be dynamically routed to the dropoff location.

The user will be updated with the driver's location as they move and be notified at certain events, like when the leftovers are delivered to their final location.

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