Official GitHub Services Integration - You can set these up in your repo admin screen under Service Hooks
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GitHub Services

How the services work

  1. A post-receive background job is submitted when someone pushes their commits to GitHub
  2. If the repository the commits belong to has any "Service Hooks" setup, the job makes a request to http://services-server/service_name/ with the following data:
    • params[:payload] containing all of the commit data (the same data you get using the API)
    • params[:data] containing the service data (username, password, room, etc)
  3. Sinatra (github-services.rb) processes the request (twitters your data, says something in campfire, posts it to lighthouse, etc)
  4. Rinse and repeat

Steps to contributing

  1. Fork the project

  2. Create a new file in /services/ called service_name.rb, using the following template:

     service :service_name do |data, payload|
  3. Vendor any external gems your code relies on, and make sure to include it in the requires at the top of github-services.rb

  4. Add documentation to docs/service_name (refer to the others for guidance)

  5. Add your name to the CONTRIBUTORS file

  6. Send a pull request from your fork to github/github-services

  7. Once it's accepted we'll add any new necessary data fields to the GitHub front-end so people can start using your addition.

Patches including tests are encouraged

Running the server locally

  1. [sudo] gem install hpricot
  2. git clone git://
  3. cd github-services
  4. ruby github-services.rb
  • Bugs in the code should be filed under the Issues tab
  • Problems with the service hooks can be filed here

How to test your service

  1. Start the github-services Sinatra server with ruby github-services.rb. By default, it runs on port 8080.
  2. Edit the doc/github_payload file as necessary to test your service. (Usually just editing the "data" values but leaving the "payload" alone.)
  3. Send the doc/github_payload file to your service by calling: ./script/deliver_payload [service-name]

NOTE: The name of the service and your docs/ file matters. If your service is RunCodeRun, your service and docs MUST be run_code_run. Good luck!