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.NET 6.0 MVC Website integrated with ServiceStack using MVC Identity Auth

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.NET 6.0 MVC Website integrated with ServiceStack using ASP.NET Identity Auth


Browse source code and install with the web dotnet tool:

$ dotnet tool install -g x

$ x new LegacyTemplates/mvcidentity ProjectName

Alternatively write new project files directly into an empty repository, using the Directory Name as the ProjectName:

$ git clone<User>/<ProjectName>.git
$ cd <ProjectName>
$ x new mvcidentity

Database Setup

To create the User and Auth tables you will need access to SQL Server instance then change the "DefaultConnection" connection string in appsettings.json then you can run the ef .NET Core tool:

$ dotnet ef migrations add Create{ProjectName}IdentitySchema
$ dotnet ef database update

If needed, you can re-create your DB schema after modifying your custom ApplicationUser class with additional info you want to store on each user, by deleting the __EFMigrationHistory and all AspNet* tables, deleting the Migrations folder in your host projects and re-running the above commands.

OAuth Setup

Replace the oauth.* App settings with your own in appsettings.Development.json for local development and appsettings.json for production deployments.