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This is the LegacyXperia Docs Wiki

If you find something wrong or missing, please fix it.

Status and Downloads: LegacyXperia home page

Installation Guides

If this is the first time you install LegacyXperia:
Installing LegacyXperia for Dummies

If you already have the basic knowhow and environment, these are the short versions:

If you want to go back: How to Go Back to Stock

User Guides

If you have questions: FAQ
If you have problems: Common Problems
How to report problems: Reporting Problems
Lollipop too slow? Tuning SD Card Speed

Advanced Guides

The following guides are intended for devs and advanced users only!

How to build LX from source: Building LX from source
How to partition your SD Card using ADB: Partitioning the SD Card using ADB

Background Info

About Dalvik vs. ART What is ART?
A test page where you can try editing this wiki: Playground