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Kira Systems-How Professional Services Firms Are Using Kira (v.1.0).pdf
Kira Systems-Kira for Due Diligence(v.1.0).pdf
sites unloader.py


Materials for the event.

Kira Systems materials:

Sponsor Kira Systems is making its APIs available for those interested in using its machine learning systems for contract analysis. See the materials provided about how Kira works. Quick overview video of Kira API: http://info.kirasystems.com/kira-platform-api A quick overview video of Kira: https://vimeo.com/kirasystems/review/149054769/91d6b79772 Kira API Swagger page: https://app.kirasystems.com/platform-api/v0/swagger/index.html

Contact Warren Agin at wea@swiggartagin.com for information about obtaining a Kira username and password for team use during the Prototype Jam.

sites.txt - this is a list of URLs for about thirty cloud providers' terms of service, which you can use in designing products. sites unloader.py - this is a Python script that will extract the content of the TOS listed in sites.txt, strip out the header and footer content and html tags, and save the resulting text as a separate text file for each TOS. To use you will have to edit the location for the sites.txt file on your computer. Make sure the sites.txt file has the proper format: a line for the name of the company, a line for the URL, and the word "end" on the last line. The script will work on html pages only.

We also include a law review article on comparative analysis of cloud computing terms of service, for those not familiar with the legal area.