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Port of Bukkit Essentials for @PocketMine Servers (Moved to @poggit-orphanage)
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This project is no longer maintained by LegendOfMCPE, and has been adopted by @poggit-orphanage. Head to the poggit-orphanage repo for updates.

EssentialsPE Gitter

The port version of Bukkit Essentials for PocketMine-MP Software.

EssentialsPE does not officially provide compatibility with Modded PocketMine-MP server software.

Compatibility can be found with most PocketMine based softwares, but do not complain if it happens not to work properly.

Download the latest Development Build here!


EssentialsPE is a large plugin with a lot of features. Some features can be enabled and disabled in the configuration, but more configuration will be added in the future.

Big features list

  • Warps:
    Set multi-world warps, delete warps and warp to them using the handy EssentialsPE feature.
    Warps Wiki

  • Homes:
    Allow players to set, delete or modify their homes, allowing them to warp to those any time.
    Homes Wiki

  • Economy:
    Set up an economy system with the economy features EssentialsPE provides.
    [Economy Wiki] - Coming soon

  • Special signs:
    Place special signs that execute the action displayed on the sign.
    Special Signs Wiki

  • Teleport Requests:
    Request players to teleport you to them, or teleport them to you using the TPA features.
    Teleport Requests Wiki

Of course EssentialsPE adds lots more commands. These commands can be found on the wiki page, here.


EssentialsPE has a lot of commands, which a lot of permissions come with. The most up to date permissions can be found in the plugin.yml file, or can be found in the Permission nodes Wiki page found here.


Installation for EssentialsPE:

  1. Install the latest version of EssentialsPE, by either downloading it here, or downloading it from Poggit, which can be done here.
  2. Upload your EssentialsPE phar file to the plugins/ folder from your server.
  3. Restart your server.
  4. Enjoy.

Poggit Build Status


We always aim to keep EssentialsPE bug free, and reporting issues is greatly appreciated. If you happen to find an issue in EssentialsPE, here's what to do:

  1. Check the Issue Tracker, in case your issue has already been reported.
  2. Try to reproduce your issue with a clean server. (No other plugins)
  3. If your issue is still valid, report the issue in the Issue tracker. Please make sure to provide as much information as you can. This will make the process of reproducing and fixing easier.


TODO (v2.0.0):

  • Start working over THIS.
  • Update to PHP7
  • Add Developers API documentation.
  • Add Special Signs documentation.
  • Implement Messages API (Multi-language update)
  • Implement Online-Player Checking to prevent crashes
  • Customizable API
  • Optimize commands' code


  • Add Development channel
  • Implement "better version" checking

TODO (Economy Update)

  • Implement Commands:
    • Balance.
    • BalanceTop.
    • Eco.
    • Pay.
    • Sell.
    • SetWorth.
    • Worth.
  • Test the commands.
  • Implement Economy Signs:
    • Buy.
    • Sell.
    • Balance.
    • BalanceTop.
    • Effects.
  • Test Economy Signs.
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