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What is it?

Simply, it's a PHP 7 class you can use to send a search term to Giphy and get back a gif. You can choose to force a download, just display it as a normal image, or simply return the image url.

Where might I implement this?

Anywhere you want a user to be able to type a keyword and get a gif in return. An ajax implementation should be fairly simple to throw together.

GiphyGetter is already set up for Slack!
Add to Slack

How do I use it?

The constructor accepts two optional parameters. The first is accessToken. Giphy has an API which this class utilizes, and they ask that you don't make tons of requests with their demo token, which this class includes by default. You can get a Giphy API token here: The second parameter is tempDirectory. Here, GiphyGetter will store files locally while it transfers them to the user. If you are only using GiphyGetter to find URLs, you do not need to provide a temp directory.

Code examples:

// Require the file

// A directory to temporarily store local files is required unless you are only requesting URLs.
// The access token field is optional, but you should really get one.
$giphy = new GiphyGetter(MY_GIPHY_ACCESS_TOKEN, __DIR__.'/temp');

// Display a random gif directly in your browser

// Force the download of a random gif through your browser using Content-Disposition: attachment

// Display a non-random gif in your browser. This tends to return the same gif across multiple requests
print $giphy->requestGif($_GET['keyword'],false,false);

// Get a random gif url
$url = $giphy->requestGifUrl($_GET['keyword']);

// Get a non-random gif ufl
$url = $giphy->requestGifUrl($_GET['keyword'],false);