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# ===================================================================
"""Compatibility code for handling string/bytes changes from Python 2.x to Py3k
+In Python 2.x, strings (of type ''str'') contain binary data, including encoded
+Unicode text (e.g. UTF-8). The separate type ''unicode'' holds Unicode text.
+Unicode literals are specified via the u'...' prefix. Indexing or slicing
+either type always produces a string of the same type as the original.
+Data read from a file is always of '''str'' type.
+In Python 3.x, strings (type ''str'') may only contain Unicode text. The u'...'
+prefix and the ''unicode'' type are now redundant. A new type (called
+''bytes'') has to be used for binary data (including any particular
+''encoding'' of a string). The b'...' prefix allows one to specify a binary
+literal. Indexing or slicing a string produces another string. Slicing a byte
+string produces another byte string, but the indexing operation produces an
+integer. Data read from a file is of '''str'' type if the file was opened in
+text mode, or of ''bytes'' type otherwise.
+Since PyCrypto aims at supporting both Python 2.x and 3.x, the following helper
+functions are used to keep the rest of the library as independent as possible
+from the actual Python version.
+In general, the code should always deal with binary strings, and use integers
+instead of 1-byte character strings.
+ Take a text string literal (with no prefix or with u'...' prefix) and
+ make a byte string.
+ Take an integer and make a 1-character byte string.
+ Take the result of indexing on a byte string and make an integer.
+ Take a text string, a byte string, or a sequence of character taken from
+ a byte string and make a byte string.
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