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  • PermMem: Critical fix in quick saves for correct loading of handles
  • TimerGT: New timer that only runs during the game and is paused when any menu is open
  • FrameFunctions: New functions for the TimerGT, new function for removing all FF that point to a specific function (thanks to the Dirty Swamp mod team!)
  • Buffs + Anim8: Now use the TimerGT
  • Buffs: New constant (Buffs_DisplayForHero) in UserConst.d that allows showing or hiding icons for the player
  • Anim8: Small fixes and a new on-remove-function that acts like a destructor for anim8 objects
  • Talents: Npc_FindByID now returns 0 if no NPC was found
  • Buttons: Button_Move is now fixed
  • DialogGestures: Fix for resetting animations
  • HookEngine: Data stack is now cleared in-between function calls
  • Talents: Talents arrays won't be automatically created anymore when simply checking for it with TAL_GetValue
  • Interface: Simplifying the PrintScreen-Fix (was very slow when using PrintScreen a lot)
  • HookDaedalus: NEW! See wiki (German language only).
  • Bloodsplats: Damage perceptions will no longer be overwritten, s.t. you may register your own damage perception functions along side the Bloodsplats
  • ConsoleCommands: When entering LeGo into the game console (given the ConsoleCommands package is initialized) the LeGo version as well as all active LeGo flags will be returned in human-readable format. This information is also sent to the zSpy on initialization of LeGo (screenshot).
  • Separate G1 and G2 header files (more information below)

To simplify the installation of LeGo, there are now separate SRC files for Gothic 1 and Gothic 2: Header_G1.src and Header_G2.src, respectively. When updating to this version, remember to update the respective entry in your Gothic.src.

Unfortunately, the package "Buffs" has not been promoted out of its experimental state. We appreciate any feedback from people who are already using it!

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@szapp szapp released this Dec 14, 2018 · 40 commits to dev since this release

  • Gothic 1 support (except for experimental packages)
  • Hooks have been reworked (allow recursive hooks, backup global instances and secure data stack)
  • Draw3D, see wiki (German language only)
  • ConsoleCommands are no longer written to game saves, but kept for the duration of the session
  • It can now be checked whether hooks are active (and they may be removed, not recommended)
  • New functions to replace and disable engine functions
  • NPCs are no longer stuck after trialogs (thanks to Cryp18Struct)
  • Level change is now correctly detected every time (sure...)
  • New List functions (List_AddFront*)
  • New View function (View_AddTextColored)
  • Minor fixes on Anim8, Bloodspats, Interface, zCViewText and arrays

Because of the Gothc 1 compatibility, the files EngineAdr_G1.d or EngineAdr_G2.d now need to be removed when installing LeGo for Gothic 2 or Gothic 1, respectively. There is an attempt to warn users when they forget to do this, but there's not much we can do in terms of error messages.

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@szapp szapp released this Dec 14, 2018 · 82 commits to dev since this release

  • The constant LeGo_Version has been updated to reflect the version number (rare enough to be worth a mention!)
  • Various "magic numbers" have been moved to EngineAdr.d
  • Fixed two warnings that would pop up during save/load
  • Minor changes to increase portability to G1
  • ConsoleCommands! See wiki

Buffs and Render still experimental.

Assets 3

@szapp szapp released this Dec 14, 2018 · 91 commits to dev since this release


LeGo 2.3.7
Assets 2

@szapp szapp released this Dec 14, 2018 · 95 commits to dev since this release

  • Fixed an error that prevented parsing in Names.d
  • Fixed a bug concerning initialization order (happened if you never created a handle during startup)
  • Fixed a small bug in View.d (thanks to mud-freak)
  • Changed MEM_SetUseInstance() to expect a zCPar_Symbol* instead of a symbolID.

Note: Although I fixed a bug with the buffs, both Buffs.d and Render.d are not yet included in LeGo_All.

Assets 3

@szapp szapp released this Dec 14, 2018 · 98 commits to dev since this release


LeGo 2.3.5
Assets 3

@szapp szapp released this Dec 14, 2018 · 101 commits to dev since this release


LeGo 2.3.4
Assets 3

@szapp szapp released this Dec 14, 2018 · 105 commits to dev since this release


LeGo 2.3.3
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