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  1. Islandora Prepare Ingest is a module that helps you build workflows for preparing data for ingest into Islandora.

    PHP 2 1

  2. Modify islandora objects in batch: add/replace datastreams, generate missing (derivative) datastreams, change the label or owner of an object, set the state of an object, change the label of a data…

    PHP 3

  3. Islandora module to enable export of properties, metadata and/or datastreams in CSV format

    PHP 1

  4. Islandora module to check if all necessary datastreams are available for objects.

    PHP 1

  5. Islandora conditional access rights lets you define the access and access rights of an object conditionally. IP range, user role or metadata (of the object or its parents) can affect the access rig…

    PHP 4

  6. Islandora module to synchronize metadata from an external OAI-PMH source

    XSLT 3 1

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