Embeds info about the last git commit into your jar (on the classpath) as a .properties file
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To use:

git clone git://github.com:LeifW/sbt-git-info.git

sbt publish-local

Add this to your project/plugins.sbt:

addSbtPlugin("net.leifwarner" % "sbt-git-info" % "0.1-SNAPSHOT")

And this to your build.sbt:


Alternatively, you could add it as a dep by referencing the git repo as a subproject, like so: https://github.com/guardian/sbt-version-info-plugin

I'll work on putting this in a maven repo in a little bit, so won't need those first two steps.

This will generate a git.properties file in the classpath of the generated .jar (same thing as putting it in src/main/resources. You can unzip it out of the jar, or, to access it at runtime, read the properties file off the classpath like so:

// Properties files are widely documented elsewhere, and accesible from any langauge on the JVM
val properties = new java.util.Properties
// Open an InputStream of the file off the classpath
val file = getClass.getResourceAsStream("git.properties")
// if the file exists
if (file != null ) { 
  // Parse / read the file in
// From this point, you can say properties.get("git.branch") to read attributes one at a time, 
// or to use the properties as a Scala Map[String, String], you can import the implicit conversion:
import scala.collection.JavaConversions.propertiesAsScalaMap
// Apply it explicitly if you want:
val props = propertiesAsScalaMap(properties)

// From there you can say things like props("git.branch")