Allows you to enter a '$' in fields stored as decimal but are actually currency types
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There's a problem in ActiveRecord.  Let's say you have a field in a table that's supposed to be money, for example:

add_column :products, :price, :decimal

and you have an entry form on your website for admins to add products.  Without even thinking, they will likely type the price with a dollar sign ('$').  If you follow the principal of least surprise, you will need to support this scenario.  However, since ActiveRecord interprets the type as a decimal (since that's how it is in the database), you will get a silent fail in which all of your prices are 0!  This is because all characters after the first non-number are interpreted as 0.  That's where acts_as_currency comes in.  Add it to your model and pass in any price fields, and they will all be able to take a '$'.  Hope you enjoy!  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at


This project is hosted on github.  There are a few options for installing it.

#1 Using git-rails gem
	- This is by far the easiest method.  Install git-rails by issuing:
			sudo gem install git-rails (Windows: gem install git-rails)
			git-rails install git://

#2 Using git-clone
	- This method requires that you have Git installed (might as well do it, it's a great alternative to svn)
	- Assumes your current working directory is your rails app root
	cd vendor/plugins
	git-clone git:// acts_as_currency
#3 Source Tarball
	- If you cannot access Git at all, use this link to download the source tarball
	cd vendor/plugins
	mkdir acts_as_currency && cd acts_as_currency
	tar xvcf faithfulgeek-acts-as-currency-master.tar.gz

Troubles?  Let me know!


class Product < ActiveRecord::Base
	acts_as_currency :price, :discount_price

For an example of the problem and how acts_as_currency solves it, please see specs/acts_as_currency_spec.rb.  If you have rspec installed you can play around with different values and see how it all works.

Copyright (c) 2008 Joe Fiorini, released under the MIT license