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# Programmed for counting number of GCs around a galaxy and calcuating specific frequency
#Lejay Chen
data saved in: dEdata.fits
region file: item.selected.reg
CC diagram:
SN plot: SNtoV_doubled.png(or .eps)
all GC included in: gcs.around.dEN.fits
read-in files:
'100galaxies.xlsx'(in plot_SN()) 'sdss_data4.fits' 'den.used' field catalogs
magnitude and effective radius from SDSS DR6
distance modulus from NED
from astropy.table import *
from import fits
from astropy.wcs import WCS
from math import *
import numpy as np
from matplotlib.figure import Figure
from matplotlib.backends.backend_agg import FigureCanvasAgg as FigureCanvas
from reg_gcs import *
from cc_diagram import *
from plot_SN import *
from z_plot_SN import *
import os
def selection2(u, g, z, g_best, i, i_4):
if g-z<1.5 and g-z>0.62 and u-g>0.8 and u-g<1.79 and 18.5<g_best<24.4 and i_4-i>-0.15 and i_4-i<0.25:
if g-z< 0.77*(u-g)+0.35 and g-z>0.95*(u-g)-0.31:
return 1 #is gc
return 0 #is not gc
return 0 #is not gc
filelist = open('den.used').readlines() #list of galaxies
tbl ='sdss_data4.fits') #data from SDSS DR6 and NED
#select GC in catalogs around each galaxy
gc_num = []
contamination = []
r_p = []
fields = []
gcs = Table() #contains all GCs (rows from original table)
M87 = (187.70583333, 12.39111111) #from NED (for r_p)
for p in range(len(filelist)):
item = filelist[p].rstrip() #index of the galaxy
w = WCS(item+'.fits')
ra_center,dec_center = w.all_pix2world(200.5,200.5,0)# Pixel to WCS
image ='.fits')
field = image[0].header['object'] #NGVS field name
print item,field#,r_e,tbl[i]['m_M'],ra_center,dec_center
r_e = tbl[p]['petroR50_r'] #effective radius : petrosian R50
r = r_e*4 # r~radius for counting GCs
cat_field ='../catalog/cat_apcor/'+field+'.l.Mg002.sexcat.apcor.fits') # NGVS field catalog
#luminosity cut: cat_field1 for clear plot
mask = cat_field['MAGCOR_AP8'][:,1]<22 #only plot objects brighter than mag_g=22
cat_field1 = cat_field[mask]
u_all = cat_field1['MAGCOR_AP8'][:,0]
g_all = cat_field1['MAGCOR_AP8'][:,1]
z_all = cat_field1['MAGCOR_AP8'][:,4]
#region cut: cat_field2 cut an area around the target galaxy
mask1 = abs(cat_field['RA'] - ra_center) <sqrt(2)*r/3600.
cat_field2 = cat_field[mask1]
mask2 = abs(cat_field2['DEC'] - dec_center) < sqrt(2)*r/3600.
cat_field2 = cat_field2[mask2]
#count GC numbers
indices = []
u = cat_field2['MAGCOR_AP8'][:,0]
g = cat_field2['MAGCOR_AP8'][:,1]
z = cat_field2['MAGCOR_AP8'][:,4]
g_best = cat_field2['MAG_BEST'][:,1]
i = cat_field2['MAGCOR_AP8'][:,3]
i_4 = cat_field2['MAGCOR_AP4'][:,3]
for k in range(len(cat_field2.field(0))):
ra = cat_field2['RA'][k]
dec = cat_field2['DEC'][k]
# if object in radius r, count as one candidate
# if object between radius r and sqrt(2)*r, count as a contamination
# These two regions have the same area
if sqrt((cat_field2['RA'][k] - ra_center)**2 + (cat_field2['DEC'][k] - dec_center)**2) < r/3600.:
indices.append(selection2(u[k], g[k], z[k], g_best[k], i[k], i_4[k]))
elif sqrt((cat_field2['RA'][k] - ra_center)**2 + (cat_field2['DEC'][k] - dec_center)**2) < sqrt(2)*r/3600.:
indices.append(selection2(u[k], g[k], z[k], g_best[k], i[k], i_4[k])*2)
indices = np.array(indices)
gcs = vstack([gcs,cat_field2[indices==1]]) #stack GCs counted in each galaxey togeter (total GC number)
r_p.append(sqrt((tbl['ra'][p]-M87[0])**2+(tbl['dec'][p]-M87[1])**2)/180*pi*16.5) #projected distance from M87 (degree)
gc_num.append(len(indices[indices==1])*2) #gc_num doubled because of truncation of GCLF
contamination.append(len(indices[indices==2])*2) # contamination count (error bar)
cc_diagram(u_all,g_all,z_all,u,g,z,item,indices,field) #Color-Color Diagram
build_reg(item,cat_field2,indices) #build region file for ds9 use
#caluculate and wirte data, and plot SN
dEdata = Table(names=('Index','field','ra','dec','m-M','MV','r_p','SN','SNerr','M_z','SN_z','SN_z_err'),dtype=('a4','a8','f8','f8','f4','f4','f4','f4','f4','f4','f4','f4')) #save galaxy data in text for confirmation
for i in range(len(filelist)):
z = tbl[i]['modelMag_z']-tbl[i]['extinction_z']
m_M = round(tbl[i]['m_M'],1)
Mz = round(z - m_M, 1) #absolute magnitude
rp = round(r_p[i], 2)
#absolute magnitude (after extinction correction)
V = tbl[i]['modelMag_g'] - tbl[i]['extinction_g'] - 0.59*( tbl[i]['modelMag_g'] - tbl[i]['extinction_g'] - tbl[i]['modelMag_r'] + tbl[i]['extinction_r'] ) - 0.01 #magnitude transfermation from SDSS to UBV
MV = round(V - tbl[i]['m_M'],1)
# specific frequency
# gc_bum_intrinsic: GC candidates that belong to the host galaxy
gc_num_intrinsic = gc_num[i] - contamination[i]
SN = round(gc_num_intrinsic*10**(0.4*(MV+ 15 )),1)
SN_z = round(gc_num_intrinsic*10**(0.4*(Mz+ 15 )),1)
#error bar calculated from contamination
# error = sqrt(gc_num_err^2 + conta_err^2)
# both gc_num and contamination follow poisson distribution
SN_err = round(sqrt(gc_num[i]+contamination[i])*10**(0.4*(MV+ 15)),1)
SN_z_err = round(sqrt(gc_num[i]+contamination[i])*10**(0.4*(Mz+ 15)),1)
plot_SN()#plot SN_list to MV diagram along with data from literature
z_plot_SN() # same in z band