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Contribution repository for the Minetest Server Subgames for all!

This Repository is not for using on your own Server!


  1. git clone


Created by Lejo Textures: CC-BY-SA 3.0 Code(except the Mods: subgames, skywars, hiddenseeker, mesewars, main, build, survivalgames): LGPL 2.1 or later

For the Mods: subgames, skywars, hiddenseeker, mesewars, main, build, survivalgames:

You are not allowed to distribute any copy or work based on this programm unless the copyright holder declares his consent. You are not allowed to use this mods on a public server. THE SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND!

Derived from minetest_game


The Server is splitted into diffrent lobbys.

This is saved in player_lobby[name] = "main"

All minetest registers like minetest.register_on_join_player(func(player)) are here subgames.register_on_join_player(func(player, lobby)) lobby is the name string of the Lobby where the Action happens.

But not all registers are supported yet.


subgames.register_on_join_player(function(player, lobby) if lobby == "main" then minetest.chat_send_play(player:get_player_name(), "HI") end end)

IMPORTANT: Registers like on_place_node don't allways have a player! For this a Lobby must register its location at the top of mods/subgames/init.lua

areas={ ["mesewars"] = { [1] = {x=(-76), y=158, z=154}, [2] = {x=266, y=(-52), z=(-169)} }, ["main"] = { [1] = {x=(-31), y=623, z=0}, [2] = {x=9, y=595, z=39} }, ["hiddenseeker"] = { [1] = {x=0, y=(-10000), z=0}, [2] = {x=0, y=(-10000), z=0} }, ["skywars"] = { [1] = {x=10000, y=1900, z=10000}, [2] = {x=(-10000), y=2900, z=(-10000)} } }

The API is not finished!