Tools for analysing ACPI DSDT/SSDT tables and notes
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This repository contains ACPI related stuff for analysis of DSDT / SSDT tables which the goal to find calls to toggle nVidia (r) Optimus (tm) cards.


It's name is actually FoldedViewer (no trademark infrignment intended if any) and the JS/ HTML5 program is useful for speeding up analys of DSDT/ SSDT tables by providing folding capabilities. If you're using a recent browser, especially if it's open-source like Firefox or Chromium, you'll be able to select files through a file picker.


Compile with gcc -Wall fieldsize.c -o fieldsize.
Run ./fieldsize and paste the contents from Fields in it and it'll display the fields with the offset on the end of the line. Whitespace is ignored. Only lines starting with NAME, [numeric value],, AccessAs and Offset ([numeric/hex value]), are recognized, all other input will cause the program halt with a fatal error. Parsing stops on EOF (Ctrl + D)

Example input (stdin):

Offset (0x8C),
SVID, 16,
SSID, 16,

Example output (stdout):

Offset (0x8C), // byte 0x8C  bit 0
SVID,   16,    // byte 0x8C  bit 0
SSID,   16,    // byte 0x8E  bit 0


Retrieve the ACPI methods from an AML file (e.g. from acpidump). Usage:

get_methods DSDT.dat SSDT.dat more.dat etc...


A PHP script for converting the output of get_methods to a HTML document.

Example usage:

./get_methods {DSDT,SSDT*}.dat | ./methods_tree > out.html

Retrieved from Used for dumping the contents of an Embedded Controller which can be done with:

./ regs

Getting the register value at a certain position:

./ ?= [hexadecimal index of register]


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Stuff related to my Clevo B7130 (BTO 17CL34) laptop.