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Welcome to the WarpDrive wiki!

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How to play?

Your ship is centered around a Ship core with a Ship controller. Both needs to be placed horizontally next to each others. The Ship core receives both EU and RF power. The Ship controller defines the front of your ship and connects with a ComputerCraft Advanced computer or OpenComputer equivalent.

Using that computer, you define your ship dimensions, name it, move it around, etc. On the computer screen, the bottom text gives the US keyboard shortcuts to use.

Your ship size is limited to 127 x 127 x 127 blocks which covers your default render distance.

Players can right click the Warp controller to register their identity and be teleported back on-board from the computer interface.

Ship volume is measured in blocks, excluding air and gases. Volume should be less than 1200 blocks for a ship to take off from and land on planets.

Engaging hyperdrive allows to enter and exit hyperspace, provided your ship volume is at least 3000 blocks.

Power consumption for a jump depends the environment (planet, space, hyperspace), movement type (landing, take-off, etc.) and ship mass. Typical movement on a planet will cost 10 EU per volume blocks + 100 EU per block distance.

Hyperspace movement is typically 10x more expensive while being 100x faster. Each transition to or from hyperspace requires 10M EU.

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