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Tweak for AirPods and Bluetooth devices using the power button
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Tweak for AirPods using the Power button

Since the release of iOS 11, each AirPod can be configured to a different action when double-tapped. Although there are no wires, it is a nuisance to control. It is not practical to double-tap each AirPod when jogging or on a crowded subway/bus. Being limited to just one action per AirPod doesn't help either. This is where AirWave helps. AirWave allows you to keep your customized control for each AirPod by utilizing the power button to control the music. If you assigned the Left and Right AirPod to Play/Pause and Next Track, you can now double and triple press the power button to activate Siri and play the Previous Track. The double and triple actions are configurable for you to decide. AirWave activates when your phone connects to your AirPods and deactivates when you put it back in your charging case.

Get Started

  • Go to General -> Settings -> AirWave to configure the Power button actions.

Submitted to BigBoss Repository

Tools Used

MediaRemote.h not found or symbol(s) not found for architecture arm64?

  1. This project requires MediaRemote.h and the MediaRemote.framework. Make sure to download the sdks here and add the MediaRemote.framework from iPhoneOS11.2.sdk/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks to "Linked Frameworks and Libraries"

  1. Copy MediaRemote.framework to /opt/theos/vendor/lib

  1. Next add "MediaRemote.h" to the project. Follow the same steps to add the Preferences.framework

See this issue if you still need help.


  • The Respring Button does not work
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