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Reverse engineered by The Lemon Man
Screw you Freescale, we have haxx!
Every command is padded to 0x10 boundary.
== Upload to ram ==
First it comes the handshake, wich is 0x20 bytes long (basically are two
commands sent together). The payload must be in .sb format.
0x00 - 0x01 - init upload command
0x01 - 'B' 'L' 'T' 'C' - protocol signature
0x05 - 0x01 - version or sub-command
0x09 - depends - payload size (BE)
0x11 - 0x2 - start upload command
0x12 - depends - payload size (LE)
After the handshake the payload is sent in chunks whose size seems to change
from board to board.
The SMTP3700 works with 0x40 chunks while the SMTP3780 with 0x400 ones.
0x01 - 0x2 - start upload command
0x02 - chunk - payload chunk