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1 parent c21db66 commit a4e8001703c155f1cef3bf5c07073a71e1e4e829 @Rolinh Rolinh committed May 19, 2012
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  1. +25 −0 ldm.c
@@ -54,6 +54,31 @@ static struct device_t * g_devices[MAX_DEVICES];
static FILE * g_lockfd;
static int g_running;
+/* Functions declaration */
+char * s_strdup(const char *str);
+int lock_create(int pid);
+int lock_remove(void);
+int lock_exist(void);
+void fstab_unload(struct fstab_t *fstab);
+struct fstab_node_t * fstab_search(struct fstab_t *fstab,
+ struct device_t *device);
+int fstab_parse(struct fstab_t *fstab);
+int device_is_mounted(char *node);
+int device_has_media(struct device_t *device);
+int filesystem_needs_id_fix(char *fs);
+char * device_create_mountpoint(struct device_t *device);
+void device_list_clear(void);
+int device_register(struct device_t *dev);
+void device_destroy(struct device_t *dev);
+struct device_t * device_search(char *devnode);
+struct device_t * device_new(struct udev_device *dev);
+int device_mount(struct udev_device *dev);
+int device_unmount(struct udev_device *dev);
+int device_change(struct udev_device *dev);
+void mount_plugged_devices(struct udev *udev);
+void sig_handler(int signal);
+int daemonize(void);
/* A less stupid s_strdup */
char *

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