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v2 of the nzbX indexing engine, being developed from scratch.
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This is a horribly put together early proof of concept of the nzbX V2 public indexing engine that is being developed as a result of the nzbX closure. It requires Python 3 and MongoDB installed. Python modules required include PyMongo and uh... well, that's it. It currently only checks against a single regex, which has only been tested in a single group.


After installing the pre-requirements, run the following commands in a Mongo shell.

use indexer

var g = { group: 'alt.binaries.teevee', first: 0, last: 0 }


db.articles.ensureIndex({ mid: 1, processed: 1})

Change the username and password of the NNTP host in

Create a folder named nzbs with write permissions.

Run with python and watch the flames. This is currently a performance test.

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