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  • This solution works with express in combination with To run this app you will need node >= 10.x.x

Start API

  • To start the main API on development mode from root solution folder.
  • The API, will run in localhost, port:3000.
  • The protocol for API is http.
$ npm start

Unit Testing

  • To run unit tests from root folder:
$ npm test

Funtcional Test API

To test echo with server, from e2e as root folder run:

$ npm run start:echo
  • This will start up the client and the API.
  • Open the client on browser: http://localhost:1234/
  • Type and send message, in browser console must appear:
    • /random-channel#79PVp22K8iHx6tTCAAAA This identifies the namespace and socket id
    • {channel: "random-channel", user: "pepe", text: "your text..."} The message that we sent to server, and it's sending back to us. Just an echo.

To test API with client, we need to open two separate node processes. First we have to run the server, from root folder:

$ npm start
  • The API, will run in localhost, port:3000.

  • Once server is up and running, we can launch client, from e2e folder run

$ npm run start:client
  • The client, will run in localhost, port:1234

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