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04 Custom Async Validator

In this example we are going to create an async custom validator with Fonk.

Play with demo:

Formik and Fonk 04-custom-async-validator example

Steps to build it

  • Install project dependencies
npm install

Implementing custom synchronous validations is great, but what about asynchronous ones? Let's chek how to do this by coding an example:

  • In this case once the user has entered a valid IBAN, we want to check against the server if that IBAN number belongs to a blacklist, we have the following fake simulation of a rest api call already implemented:


const mockIBANBlackList = ['BE71 0961 2345 6769'];

export const isIBANInBlackList = iban =>
  • We can write our own custom validator:


import { isIBANInBlackList } from '../api';

export const ibanBlackList = ({ value }) =>
  isIBANInBlackList(value).then(isInBlackList => ({
    type: 'IBAN_BLACK_LIST',
    succeeded: !isInBlackList,
    message: isInBlackList ? 'This IBAN is not allowed' : '',
  • Update barrel file:


export * from './country-black-list.validator';
+ export * from './iban-black-list.validator';
  • And add it to our schema:


import { Validators } from '@lemoncode/fonk';
import { createFormikValidation  } from '@lemoncode/fonk-formik';
import { iban } from '@lemoncode/fonk-iban-validator';
import { rangeNumber } from '@lemoncode/fonk-range-number-validator';
+ import { ibanBlackList } from './custom-validators';

export const validationSchema = {
  field: {
    account: [
+     ibanBlackList,

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