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05 Custom Record Validator

In this example we are going to create a custom record validator with Fonk.

Play with demo:

Formik and Fonk 05-custom-record-validator example

Steps to build it

  • Install project dependencies
npm install

Well we have had a great time adding field validations, but there are validations that are tied up to the whole record we are editing than to a given field, for instance let's face this scenario:

  • You are not allowed to transfer more than 1000 € to Switzerland using this form (for instance: you have to go through another form where some additional documentation is required).

  • The best place to fire this validation is at record level.

  • Record validation functions accept as input parameter that whole form record info, and return the result of the validation (it accepts both flavours sync and promise based), let's check the code for this validator:


import { Validators } from '@lemoncode/fonk';

const isSwitzerlandAccount = value => {
  const pattern = /^CH/i;
  const { succeeded } = Validators.pattern.validator({
    customArgs: { pattern },
  return succeeded;

export const switzerlandTransfer = ({ values }) => {
  const succeeded =
    !isSwitzerlandAccount(values.account) ||
    Number(values.integerAmount) < 1000 ||
    (Number(values.integerAmount) === 1000 &&
      Number(values.decimalAmount) <= 0);

  return {
    message: succeeded
      ? ''
      : 'Not allowed to transfer more than 1000 € in Swiss account',
  • Update barrel file:


export * from './country-black-list.validator';
export * from './iban-black-list.validator';
+ export * from './switzerland-transfer.validator';
  • In order to set it up in our form validation schema there is a new setion called record where we can add our validation:


import { Validators } from '@lemoncode/fonk';
import { createFormikValidation  } from '@lemoncode/fonk-formik';
import { iban } from '@lemoncode/fonk-iban-validator';
import { rangeNumber } from '@lemoncode/fonk-range-number-validator';
- import { ibanBlackList } from './custom-validators';
+ import { ibanBlackList, switzerlandTransfer } from './custom-validators';

export const validationSchema = {
  field: {
+ record: {
+   switzerlandTransfer: [switzerlandTransfer],
+ },

export const formValidation = createFormikValidation (validationSchema);
  • Now let's add some plumbing in the UI code to display the record error message (it will only be displayed once IBAN and Amount fields has been touched):


          <form onSubmit={handleSubmit}>
+           {errors.recordErrors && errors.recordErrors.switzerlandTransfer && (
+             <span>{errors.recordErrors.switzerlandTransfer}</span>
+           )}
            <div className="buttons">
              <button type="submit">Submit</button>

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