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Module 3 - Bundling - Gulp

Set of step by step guided samples, based on Gulp 4.

In this samples series we are going to cover some basic functionallity that could you get started if in the future you join a legacy project.

This samples series are incremental.

Samples description:

  • 00 Connect: Let's fire up a lite dev web server to browser our web app.

  • 01 Creating dist: Generating a deployment folder, copy postprocessed file to that folder and proper configure dev server.

  • 02 Production: Concatenating all js files + uglify and updating HTML in dist folder to point to the new js bundle file.

-- 03 LifeReload:

-- 04 SASS: Let's make a sample HTML with javascript minified, SASS and we can use it a watcher to rebuild the project.

About Lemoncode

We are a team of long-term experienced freelance developers, established as a group in 2010. We specialize in Front End technologies and .NET. Click here to get more info about us.

For the LATAM/Spanish audience we are running an Online Front End Master degree, more info: http://lemoncode.net/master-frontend