Sample app, using redux / pods / react / typescript
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Movie pods

Sample application developed by attendees of a Lemoncode's React / Redux training.

This application will display a list of movies + filters (several views implemented), and display the details of each movie (edit movie detail, genre in progress)

What you will find in this application:

  • How to implement a React / Redux application.
  • Follow a pods approach to isolate the application.
  • How to create a simple rest-api and consume a rest based server.
  • How to create a mock json-server.
  • How to work with redux-sagas.
  • How to setup Jest environment, plus implement unit tests on reducers, actions and business code.
  • How to setup a simple react-router based navigation.

Special thanks to the team mates that have contributed to this project:

About Lemoncode

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