The goal of this project is to provide a set of simple samples, providing and step by step guide to start working with React and Typescript.
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React Typescript by sample

Due to the popularity of this repo Jehu Sagardoy is getting them up to date, right now migrated from 00 to 12.

You can check as well other repos (react / redux + typescript):


The goal of this project is to provide a set of simple samples, providing and step by step guide to start working with React and Typescript. Characteristics:

  • Bundling based on webpack.
  • React + Typescript based.
  • Simple navigation using react-router.
  • Managing async calls and updates.
  • Using Redux library.
  • Handling async calls via Redux-Thunk + Redux Saga.
  • Adding unit testing support.
  • Implementing Lazy Loading.
  • ...

To get started:

  1. Install NodeJS
  2. Download this repo
  3. Open the command line of your choice and cd to the root directory of this repo on your machine
  4. npm install - Installs packages
  5. npm start - Builds the project and launch a lite web server (webpack-dev-server).
  6. Navigate to http://localhost:8080/ if your browser doesn't open automatically.


00 Boiler plate

Bundling + npm start based on webpack.

01 Hello React

Hello world, simples react render sample.

02 Components

Creating a common header and about page react components.

03 Navigation

Creating a "members" page, adding navigation using react-router.

04 Display data

Create a read only list component (table >> tr >> td), reading list of members from a fake api and dumping it into component state.

05 Presentational Components

Breaking the list component into two: list and row compomenent, member row entity passed via props.

06 Handling asynchronous calls

Members fake api replaced with async call to api github to retrieve list of members of a given team.

07 Forms

In this sample we will add a link in the members page that will navigate to a "new member page". This new page will display a form where you have to enter the avatar url, login and id of a new member (just supossing we can edit that info).

08 ParamNavigation + Validations

Edit a given member, here we learn how to add params to a navigation link and how to obtain them from a component.

Validation performed so far:

  • Login: required, must be a string (at least length 3).

09 Redux

Added Redux support, isolated state into Redux reducers, implement load, save, basic validation cycle. This sample uses the fake api, in following samples we will call async operations and fitting them into Redux architecture.

10 SpinnerAsync

Display a busy indicator when an ajax request is in progress.

To have a global count of promises gong on we are using reat-promise-tracker and to display a cool spinner react-spinner

11 Testing reducers

Sample updated using Jest.

12 Testing actions

Sample updated using Jest.

13 Testing components (Containers and Presentationals)

Pending update Jest + Enzyme

14 Replacing Redux Thunk with Redux Saga

Pending update

15 Lazy Loading and React-Router

Pending update

16 Add custom middlewares

Pending update

17 Add support for ReactHotloader and ReduxDev Tools.

Pending update

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