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00 Start
01 Typings
02 NoTypings_A
03 NoTypings_B
04 ManualTypings
05 Typescript_2_0

Typings By Sample

Guide to add typings support to your project (typescript definitions).

Each of the samples contains a files where you can find an step by step guide to reproduce the sample (except the startup one).


  • 00 Startup project: simple typescript project
  • 01 Typings: setting up and adding a dependency via typings.
  • 02 No Typings A: Adding a dummy require declaration.
  • 03 No Typings B: Importing node.d.ts approach.
  • 04 Manual Typings: Creating a custom typing (use this when you cannot find the typings definitions for a given library)

Next samples:

  • Typescript 2.0 typings support.