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My post on Getting started w/ React & Mocha just made it up to the Top 1 of all my blog posts, reaching 1000 uniqueue views, so I decided to continue these series.

My target

I want to create a simple multilingual website. I need to have:

  • source structure and process suitable for mid-sized project
  • fast update of UI on language change (desirably without page refresh)
  • easy testable solution

I try to use ES6 where it is suitable, I automate dev process using Gulp.


You can find working code here. Just download it and run

$npm install

If you are using Visual Studio Code - you can build it using ⇧⌘B (on Mac).

This is how the final result looks like:

For those, who are in a hurry to get started with Flux yuo can skip all the getting started steps and go straight here.

To read full article, please follow this link.