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Maven Central

Easy Files

Maven dependency


Resources folder files - ResourceFile

Reading files in the resources folder

No matter if the resource files are in the File System or in the Jar.

ResourceFile file = new ResourceFile("my-file.json");

Regular files in File System - UserFiles, UserHomeFile

UserFile file = new UserFile("c:/myfiles/myfile.txt");
UserHomeFile file = new UserHomeFile("my-user-home-test.txt");

Network resources

It can be a file somewhere in the Internet or other resources accessible through urls.

NetworkResource file = new NetworkResource("")

Read file examples

String content = file.content();
List<String> lines = file.lines();

Book book = file.fromJson(Book.class);
List<Book> books = file.fromJsonAsList(Book[].class);

Book book = file.fromYaml(Book.class);
List<Book> books = file.fromYamlAsList(Book.class);

Properties properties =;
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