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A modified case for the Redox keyboard

The Redox keyboard is a DIY mechanical keyboard by MattDB. It is sort of a cross between an Iris and an Ergodox.

This repository uses OpenSCAD to make some modifications to the original STL to add tenting etc, and also provides a new case generated in OpenSCAD from scratch.

When cloning, you need to make sure you get the submodules, e.g.:

git clone --recurse-submodules

Modified version of the original case

This was my first modification of the original handwire redox case. Load the redox-body-mod.scad into OpenSCAD, make any changes, and render the modified STL.

This one has been built by a few people, e.g: by me, and a coworker

Keyboard Case From Scratch

I then wanted to design a new case for the Redox that was inspired both by the Redox Rev1 case and the Iris, and I thought it would be nice to start with the layout from the Keyboard Layout Editor JSON file (in this way it could be extended to other keyboards). Existing tools I had found for going from KLE JSON to OpenSCAD didn't work for split keyboards where some keys are rotated, so an updated tool is provided here that seems to work on the split keyboards I have tried.

If you have another KLE JSON file you want to convert, run the included which spits out the key layout to a minimal OpenSCAD data structure along with some data access functions. E.g:

python3 <kle-examples/ergodox-layout.json >kle-examples/ergodox-layout.scad

Then make a top level OpenSCAD that includes this along with keyboard_case.scad, e.g.:

include <kle-examples/ergodox-layout.scad>
include <keyboard_case.scad>

Then to make a case, you just need to define a polygon describing the outer boundary of your desired case, a set of points for where to put case screw holes, and optional positions for tenting supports, and call the top_case and/or bottom_case modules. See the other cases here for examples (the Redox case is most developed):



redox-completed album here