PHP Library for integrating Lenddo Services.
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Lenddo PHP SDK

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This SDK requires the following:

  • =PHP 5.3.3

  • Guzzle 3,4,5, or 6 !
  • HAWK Authentication !

! These packages will be handled by the composer install process. They're listed for purposes of compatibility. If you are using a Guzzle version not compatible with our platform in your codebase already, please let us know and we'll upgrade the SDK as appropriate.


The Lenddo PHP SDK is available via Composer and can be installed by running the composer require lenddo/sdk command. A local copy of composer is included if you do not have a global copy. This can be invoked by performing php composer.phar install in the root of this repository.

Please refer to the packagist link here:

REST Services

The AuthorizeApiClient, ServiceClient and WhiteLabelClient This SDK will allow you to contact Lenddo's REST based services. It acts as a wrapper around the popular GuzzleHttp\Guzzle package. A common interface will be returned regardless of the Guzzle version used and the original Guzzle request/response objects are exposed for your convenience.

Authorize API Client

The AuthorizeApiClient will allow you to impact product output by asynchronously providing data critical to the scoring or verification process.

Service Client

The ServiceClient will allow you to retrieve the scoring, verification, and decision results from Lenddo.

Whitelabel Client

The WhiteLabelClient will allow you to utilize Lenddo services without any Lenddo branding. This method of implementation is the most complex but allows you to fully customize your users' experience.

Handling Exceptions

Both the whitelabel client and the service client have a common interface for making requests. Because of this you can utilize a single method for error handling for both classes.

Webhook Management

While the REST Services allow you to retrieve the results of a scoring or verification job they require you to continue contacting Lenddo until results are available. For many situations this is less than ideal. Due to this Lenddo offers a webhook service. The webhook service is a feature which allows you to receive a POST request at a designated URL the moment a result is available.


v2.8 Release notes -


  • This release adds the parameters for altering the target authorize api region.

v2.7 Release notes -


v2.6 Release Notes -


v2.5 Release Notes -


  • Adding support for e-mail probe in the verification class.

v2.4 Release Notes -


v2.3 Release Notes -


v2.2 Release Notes -


  • Adding new Verification management class for whitelabel verification probes.

v2.1 Release Notes -


  • Enhanced exception management
    • New exception classes for reporting back error cases on REST API calls.
  • Documentation for exception management

v2.0 Release Notes -


  • Breaking changes from v1.x
  • Support for PHP 5.3, 5.4
  • Support for Guzzle 3, 4, 5
  • Updated Documentation
  • Certificate Authority Root Inclusion