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Dmitry Polyakov's GNU+Linux Dotfiles

ArchLinux Edition


  • bspwm + sxhkd

    Initially I used i3 along with i3 bar, then started using polybar, and after that I moved to bspwm. The architecture and working principle of bspwm in my opinion is much better than that in i3.

  • kitty + bash

    Kitty some slower than st but better in features. I tried to use zsh only as an interactive shell, but I do not understand what his pluses and returned back to bash. Better to learn fish later somehow. Font is Anonymous Pro.

  • mpd + ncmpcpp + mpc

    Initially I used cmus as it was easier to configure, but then I became convinced of the convenience of a modular architecture, a flexible tag system and integration with different frontends.

  • polybar + awesome-font

    By and large, this is a standard config without useless characters and with module for displaying updates. The use of polybar has largely contributed to the switch to bspwm.

  • neovim with Luke configuration

    For a long time I used the default vim, but recently tried to use neovim and was surprised by the increase in speed. How much I lost D: Luke`s config is excellent!

  • Thunar, dunst, sxiv, xwallpaper

  • And many scripts for comfy workflow


  • Swith to VoidLinux
  • Use nnn as privary file manager

Special thanks to

Richard Stallman

Luke Smith

Derek Taylor


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