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DeninaSharp from Umbraco is an editorial development tool based on DeninaSharp.
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DeninaSharp for Umbraco


There are no NuGet packages yet, so you will have to checkout the code for now. It should be rather standard stuff, minimum version of .NET is 4.5.2 for Umbraco 7, to get the Umbraco 8 project going you need to have at least .NET 4.7.2.

The Visual Studio project makes heavy use of Gulp to make sure the App_Plugins are automatically constructed in the Umbraco projects as you work. For this to work properly you will need to have a fairly recent version of NodeJS and also make sure it's set as the default Node intepreter inside Visual Studio. The one that comes with most Visual Studio installations is rather old and doesn't support Gulp 4 that well.


Please use the Issue-tab to get in touch!

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