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Set up the mute-command

Set up the ?mute command

In this tutorial I'll show you, how to set up the ?mute command, that it works correctly.

It's really easy, so lets go. :D

First, you have to create a new role, or choose a role that already exists. The role shouldn't have the following permission:


Also, the position of the "Mute" role should be above the muteable roles, to make shure that the "Mute" role can overwrite the text-permissions of the roles, which are below the "Mute" role.


After that, define the "Mute" role for LenoxBot with ?muterole rolename


That's it. Now you can use ?mute @User time{d, h, m, s} {reason}


{% hint style="success" %} And now: Take away the troublemakers. :) {% endhint %}