lative emacs customization - make emacs easier to use
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lative emacs customization
- make emacs easier to use


* copy lative.el as ~/.emacs
* edit ~/.emacs to adjust some options in the first section
* open emacs, and press F1 F1 or ESC 1 to look up the help screen

Basic Operations:                             Cursor Operations
----------------                              -----------------
C-`      Emacs Menu                           Home      Move to head of line
C-z      Undo                                 C-a
C-g      Cancel                               End       Move to end of line
M-h m    Current mode's help                  C-e
C-M-z    Suspend Emacs                        PgUp      Page up
M-m      Toggle syntax hightlight             C-b
C-x C-c  Close Emacs                          PgDn      Page down
File Operations:
---------------                               C-PgUp    Move to head of file
C-x f    Open file                            C-PgDn    Move to end of file
C-x r    Open recent file (try e,s,f)         C- ->     Move to next word
M-s      Save file                            M-f
C-x w    Save as                              C- <-     Move to previous word
C-q      Close file                           M-b
                                              M-g       Go to line

Search Operations                             M-r       Register current pos
-----------------                             M-t       Go to pos
C-s      Incremental searching
C-r      Incremental reverse searching        Block Operations
C-s C-s  Continue searching                   ----------------
C-r C-r  Continue reverse searching           M-a       Select all
M-$      Spell check current word             C-v       Mark block start pos
M-.      Lookup define                        C-g       Cancel marking
M-*      Go back from lookup                  M-c       Copy
C-.      Lookup next define                   C-Insert
                                              M-v       Paste
Debug Operations                              S-Insert
----------------                              M-d       Cut or kill word
F2       Make or compile                      C-k       Line erase
F3       Debug
F4       Print value of variable
F5       Continue running                     Window Operations
F6       Finish current function              -----------------
F7       Next                                 M-`     Select buffer (try e,s,f)
F8       Step                                 M-e     Split current window
F9       Set breakpoint                       M-w     Maximize current window
F10      Remove breakpoint                    M-q     Close current window
F11      Set temp breakpoint                  M-o     Switch to next window
F12      Stepi                                C-Tab   Switch to next buffer
M-F12    Nexti in gdb mode                    C-M-Tab Switch to previous buffer

Folding Operations
C-c h    toggle folding
C-c H    hide all blocks
C-c S    show all blocks

Finally, you can use F1 F2 to lookup original help-for-help of Emacs :)