A wiki of Devops Tools, Tutorials and Scripts
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A wiki of Guides, Scripts, Tutorials related to devops

Devops tools

Table of Contents

  1. Operating Systems

  2. Command Line

  3. Programming

  4. Source Control

  5. Editors

  6. Security

  7. Automation

  8. Other Bits

  9. Networking

  10. Machine Learning


Getting Started with Linux

Linux Journey

Beginner Guides

Installing a VPN server on Linux

Installing Ruby on Rails on Linux

Installing Gunicorn on Linux

Installing Django on Linux

Troubleshooting Linux Server Memory Usage with PS_MEM

Troubleshooting Network issues with Tcpdump


Linux Perfomance Analysis with Brendan Gregg

How Linux CPU usage is Calculated

Linux System Calls

Linux One Second Boot

Debugging Programs on Linux with Strace

Continously Monitoring Processes on Linux with the Watch command

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tmux is a "terminal multiplexer", it enables a number of terminals (or windows) to be accessed and controlled from a single terminal. It can be installed via sudo apt-get install tmux or yum install tmux

A Quick and Easy Guide to Tmux

Tmux Shortcuts and Cheat Sheet


Git Quick Start

Git Indepth Tutorial

What is Git? (Series)

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Bash Guides and Scripts

Useful bash one-liners

Real time file syncing daemon with inotify tools

inotify tools example

Creating Init/Systemd Scripts

Useful systemd commands

Building an RPM on CentOS

Bash if statements

Beginners Guide to BASH

Bash variable Expansion

Bash Special Characters explained

Bash process substitution

Bash Indepth Tutorial

Advancing in the Bash Shell

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Python Guides and Scripts

Python 3 String Encoding and Formatting

Python Local and Global Scopes

Python Regex for beginners

Building system monitoring apps in Python with Flask

Building a Database driven RESTFUL API in Python 3 with Flask

Building Database driven apps with MySQL or PostgreSQL using Python and SQLAlchemy ORM

Python Postgres Tutorial

Token based Authentication with Pyjwt

Script to automatically Scaffold a database driven CRUD app in python

Psutil a cross-platform Python library for retrieving information on running processes and system utilization (CPU, memory, disks, network)

Automating web testing with Selenium

Flask Github Webhook Handler

Flask Web Sockets

Sending Email with Python

Understanding Threading and the Global Interpreter Lock

Packaging and Distributing Python Projects

Serving Python with Uwsgi

Python Indepth Tutorial

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An introduction to Awk

Text Processing examples with Awk

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An introduction and Tutorial

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Perl Regex CheatSheet - PDF

Perl Regex CheatSheet 2

Indepth Tutorial

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File I/O

C Programming Boot Camp

Beej's Guide to Network Programming

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Quick Getting start with JS

JS Concepts ( Closures, Falsy, Functions, Immutable, Loops, Scope, Ternary, Truthy, Arrays)

Making API calls with ngResource

Using UI-Router for Client side routing

Token Based Authentication with Satellizer

21 Javascript Answers on Quora Every Developer Must Read

Visualizing data with D3.js

Websockets with Socket.io

JS indepth Tutorial and Guide

Server side JS with Nodejs

Cross Platform Desktop apps with Electron

End to End Testing with Protractor

JS resources

Linux Server Visualization using Websockets and Google style Gauges

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Automation Guides

Automating Server Configs with Puppet

Automating Server Configs with the SaltStack

Using Foreman, an Opensource Frontend for Puppet

Using StackStorm, an Opensource platform for integration and automation across services and tools.

Configure, build, repeat. – using the 3bot platform. - Der maschinelle Kollege - an article about using 3bot in German.

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BUP Git based Backup

Real time Backup Script written in bash

MySQL incremental Backup with Percona

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Fail2ban - Block ip scanning on postfix

Configuring a Firewall for linux with CSF and LFD

Hardening Debian for the Desktop Using Grsecurity

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Email Server Configuration

Postfix configuration

Postfix Troubleshooting

Adding DMARC records

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Firewall and Monitoring

Monitoring Linux Servers with Monit

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Data Structures

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Vim Cheat Sheet

Vim Regular Expressions 101

Home Page

Code Editors

VS Code



Sublime Text

GNU Emacs


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Video Tutorials

Sys Admin casts

Youtube Channel

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Continuous Integration

Deploying Code at Netflix

Travis-CI Tutorial

Jenkins Tutorial

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Top Ten Tenets (Principles) of a System Administrator

IT Career/Job Advice

The Twelve-Factor Software-As-A-Service App building methodology

Code Review Best Practices

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Devops Interview Questions


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Learn to code


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English Docker Guides and Tutorials

Spanish Docker Guide

Introduction to Docker

Secure Your Containers with this One Weird Trick

Understanding Docker Networking Drivers and their use cases

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Networking Guides

Turtles on the wire: understanding how the OS uses the modern NIC

Working with Network Configurations from the Command Line

Monitoring and Tuning the Linux Networking Stack

Learn OSPF and BGP using Linux (lxc, openvswitch)

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Machine Learning

What is Machine Learning?

Getting Started with Machine Learning on Linux with Python

Which Machine Learning Algorithm you should use and when

Using Machine Learning for Image Recoginition

Introduction to Natural Language Processing with Python

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