Simplifies Serial Communication from openFrameworks
C++ Arduino
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An addon that simplifies the Serial Communication from openFrameworks

  • Automatic message completion
    Complete messages exist between \n's, sent for example from Arduino with Serial.println(). If the complete message cannot be read during one "update" it will keep listening for updates for it to be completed.

  • Simply use the message property to get the latest complete message

  • Listen for the NEW_MESSAGE event to get properly notified
  • Write to the serial connection using a string


  • Reading one piece of data
  • Reading multiple pieces of data
  • Writing one piece of data (string)
  • Writing multiple pieces of data (string)
All examples are made with openFrameworks and Arduino

Simple protocol to read data

  • The addon writes an r to the serial connection
  • The other party (Arduino for example) sends an update after it recieves this.
This ensures an in-sync transfer of data