Maygh: Building a CDN from client web browsers
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Maygh is a system that builds a content distribution network from client web browsers, without the need for additional plugins or client-side software.

A techniqical paper (Maygh: Building a CDN from client web browsers) is presented in EuroSys'13, at Prague.

Quick Start


There is no need to install, just copy the whole folder. In order to run the Maygh coordinator, you need to have Node.js 0.5.2. Yes, it's a old version, I know, hopefully I will have time to upgrade it to the latest Node release.

Run the coordinator

cd Coordinator && node cloudcdn2.js

Include Maygh script

You have to include the following two scripts in the page which you want to use Maygh.

And put flCloud.swf in your server, such as fl/flCloud.swf.

Load content

To load content via Maygh, first create a Maygh object, then load, such as:

var maygh = new Maygh();
maygh.load(content_hash, dom_id, url);


We want to thank ArcusNode, on which our coordinator is based.