Pull to refresh in Swift, easy to use, easy to customize(下拉刷新/QQ/淘宝/优酷/雅虎天气/大众点评)
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The example project contains some hot App refresh example.

Taobao YouKu QQ Video
Yahoo Weather Dian Ping QQ


  • iOS 8
  • Swift 4+
  • XCode 9+

For Swift 3, See branch Swift3



  • Pull to refresh.
  • Pull/Tap to load more.
  • Pull left/right to load more(Currently only support chinese)
  • Elastic refresh
  • Easy to customize
  • English and Chinese



pod "PullToRefreshKit"


github "LeoMobileDeveloper/PullToRefreshKit"


What is a container? A container is the object that hold the scrollView reference, most time it is a UIViewController object

Pull down to refresh

self.tableView.configRefreshHeader(container:self) { [weak self] in
    delay(2, closure: {
        self?.tableView.switchRefreshHeader(to: .normal(.success, 0.5))

If you do not want any delay:

self.tableView.switchRefreshHeader(to: .normal(.none, 0.0))

Pull up to load more

Support three mode to fire refresh action

  • Tap
  • Scroll
  • Scroll and Tap
self.tableView.configRefreshFooter(container:self) { [weak self] in
	delay(1.5, closure: {
	    self?.tableView.switchRefreshFooter(to: .normal)

Remove footer:

self.tableView.switchRefreshFooter(to: .removed)

No more Data

self.tableView.switchRefreshFooter(to: .noMoreData)

Pull left to exit

scrollView.configSideRefresh(with: DefaultRefreshLeft.left(), container:self, at: .left) {
   self.navigationController?.popViewController(animated: true)

Pull right to Pop

let right  = DefaultRefreshRight.right()
right.setText("👈滑动关闭", mode: .scrollToAction)
right.setText("松开关闭", mode: .releaseToAction)
right.textLabel.textColor = UIColor.orange
scrollView.configSideRefresh(with: right, container:self, at: .right) { [weak self] in
    self?.navigationController?.popViewController(animated: true)

Config the default refresh text

PullToRefershKit offer SetUp operator,for example

let header = DefaultRefreshHeader.header()
header.setText("Pull to refresh", mode: .pullToRefresh)
header.setText("Release to refresh", mode: .releaseToRefresh)
header.setText("Success", mode: .refreshSuccess)
header.setText("Refreshing...", mode: .refreshing)
header.setText("Failed", mode: .refreshFailure)
header.tintColor = UIColor.orange
header.imageRenderingWithTintColor = true
header.durationWhenHide = 0.4
self.tableView.configRefreshHeader(with: header,container:self) { [weak self] in
    delay(1.5, closure: {
        self?.models = (self?.models.map({_ in random100()}))!
        self?.tableView.switchRefreshHeader(to: .normal(.success, 0.3))


You just need to write a UIView sub class,and make it conforms to these protocols

  • RefreshableHeader
  • RefreshableFooter
  • RefreshableLeftRight

For exmaple,to create a custom header

    //Height of the refresh header
    func heightForHeader()->CGFloat
    //Distance from top when in refreshing state
    func heightForRefreshingState()->CGFloat
    //Will enter refreshing state,change view state to refreshing in this function
    func didBeginrefreshingState()

    //The refreshing task is end.Refresh header will hide.Tell user the refreshing result here.
    func didBeginHideAnimation(result:RefreshResult)
    //Refresh header is hidden,reset all to inital state here
    func didCompleteHideAnimation(result:RefreshResult)
    //Distance to drag to fire refresh action ,default is heightForRefreshingState
    optional func heightForFireRefreshing()->CGFloat
    //Percent change during scrolling
    optional func percentUpdateDuringScrolling(percent:CGFloat)
    //Duration of header hide animation
    optional func durationOfHideAnimation()->Double


Leo, leomobiledeveloper@gmail.com


PullToRefreshKit is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.