An "awesome" type curated list of RxSwift library and learning material
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Miss Electric Eel 2016 An "awesome" type curated list of RxSwift library and learning material




  • RxAlamofire RxSwift wrapper around the elegant HTTP networking in Swift Alamofire
  • RxBluetoothKit iOS & OSX Bluetooth library for RxSwift
  • RxDataSourcesTable and Collection View Data Sources for RxSwift
  • RxGesture RxSwift reactive wrapper for view gestures
  • Action Abstracts actions to be performed in RxSwift.
  • RxViewModel ReactiveViewModel-esque using RxSwift
  • RxOptional RxSwift extensions for Swift optionals and "Occupiable" types
  • NSObject-Rx Handy RxSwift extensions on NSObject, including rx_disposeBag.
  • RxAutomaton RxSwift + State Machine, inspired by Redux and Elm.
  • Moya Network abstraction layer written in Swift.
  • Moya-ObjectMapper ObjectMapper bindings for Moya and RxSwift
  • RxSwiftExt Additional operators not found in the core RxSwift distribution
  • RxPermission RxSwift bindings for Permissions API in iOS.
  • RxGitHubAPI A GitHubAPI base on Stream by RxSwift
  • FirebaseRxSwiftExtensions Extension Methods for Firebase and RxSwift
  • ObservableArray-RxSwift An array that can emit messages of elements and diffs on it's changing.
  • RxKeyboard Reactive Keyboard in iOS
  • RxCoreLocation RxCoreLocation is a reactive abstraction to manage Core Location.
  • RxNimble Nimble extensions that making unit testing with RxSwift easier
  • iOS-Awesome-Starter-Kit The perfect combination: Clean Swift + ReSwift + PromiseKit
  • CleanArchitectureRxSwift Example of Clean Architecture of iOS app using RxSwift
  • RxRealm RxSwift extension for RealmSwift's types
  • RxFeedback Architecture for RxSwift
  • RxCoreMotion Provides an easy and straight-forward way to use Apple iOS CoreMotion responses as Rx Observables.
  • RxViewController RxSwift wrapper for UIViewController and NSViewController
  • RxTask An RxSwift implementation of a command line runner.
  • RxIGListKit IGListKit with RxSwiftπŸš€
  • RxAppState RxSwift extensions for UIApplicationDelegate methods to observe changes in your app's state
  • RxPermission RxSwift bindings for Permissions API in iOS.
  • RxFlow RxFlow is a navigation framework for iOS applications based on a Reactive Flow Coordinator pattern
  • Reactant Reactant is a reactive architecture for iOS
  • RxCoreData RxSwift extensions for Core Data
  • RxOptional RxSwift extensions for Swift optionals and "Occupiable" types
  • RxSpriteKit Reactive Extensions for SpriteKit πŸ‘Ύ
  • RxGRDB Reactive extensions for SQLite
  • RxReduce RxReduce is a lightweight framework that ease the implementation of a state container pattern in a Reactive Programming compliant way.
  • RxTheme Theme management based on Rx
  • RxMKMapView RxMKMapView is a RxSwift wrapper for MKMapView delegate
  • RxKingfisher Reactive extension for the Kingfisher image downloading and caching library
  • RxGoogleMaps RxSwift reactive wrapper for GoogleMaps SDK
  • RxFileMonitor RxSwift wrapper around CoreFoundation file events (FSEvent*)
  • Cycle.swift Cyclical observable for unidirectional architectures inspired by cycle.js.
  • RxStoreKit RxStoreKit is lightweight and easy to use Rx support for StoreKit(In-App Purchases).
  • RxASDataSources RxDataSource for AsyncDisplayKit/Texture
  • RxCoordinator Reactive navigation library for iOS based on the coordinator pattern
  • RxFirebase RxSwift extensions for Firebase
  • RxDucks πŸ¦† RxDucks is a Redux-like framework working on RxSwift.
  • RxValidator Easy to Use, Read, Extensible, Flexible Validation Checker
  • RxMediaPicker A reactive wrapper built around UIImagePickerController.
  • RxState Redux implementation in Swift using RxSwift
  • RxSegue Reactive generic segue, implemented with RxSwift.
  • RxAnimated Animated RxCocoa bindings
  • RxSwiftUtilities Helpful classes and extensions for RxSwift
  • RxPagination The demo project for "Protocol-Oriented Programming in Networking".
  • RxPager Pager for RxSwift
  • RxWebKit RxWebKit is a RxSwift wrapper for WebKit
  • RxBiBinding Reactive two-way binding
  • RxStarscream A lightweight extension to subscribe Starscream websocket events with RxSwift