Omnipotent guild management bot for FIRST Discord servers
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Omnipotent guild management bot for FIRST Discord servers

Table of Contents


Installing Python 3.6

run python -V to find what version of python you are running. If you are running version 3.6 or newer, feel free to skip this section




run python -V to ensure that version 3.6 or newer is installed.

Using pyenv

Many distributions do not have python 3.6 in their repositories yet. If this is the case for you, then pyenv is a great option for managing different python versions.

Instructions for installing are located here.

  1. pyenv install 3.6.3 downloads and builds a newer version of python
  2. pyenv global 3.6.3 sets 3.6.3 as the primary version for the current user
  3. run python -V to ensure that version 3.6 or newer is installed.

Through the rest of this README, we will assume that you have found the correct python executable for your setup and are using it accordingly.

Getting your Discord Bot Token

  1. Go to the Discord Developer Portal and create a new application.

    creating a new discord app

  2. Create a bot user inside of your application.

    creating a bot user

  3. Copy the bot user token - We'll need that later! Do not share your token with anyone. If someone obtains your bot user token, they gain full control of your bot. Be careful!

Getting a Google Maps API Key

  1. Go to the Google Map APIs Docs and request an API key

  2. Create a new project.

    creating a new project

  3. Copy the API key - We'll need this too!

Setting up the bot

  1. Install dependencies with python -m pip install -Ur requirements.txt
  2. Run the bot once with python -m dozer. This will crash, but generate a default config file.
    1. Dozer uses json for it's config file
  3. Add the Discord bot account's token to discord_token in config.json
  4. Add your Google Maps API key to gmaps_key in config.json
  5. Add information about your team and your bot to tba in config.json
  6. Add your ID, and anyone else's ID who should be able to use the developer commands, to the list developers in config.json
    1. Be careful giving this out. Developers can control everything your bot does and potentially get your bot user token!
  7. The default command prefix is &. If this is already in use on your server or you would like another prefix, you can change the prefix value in config.json.
  8. Run the bot again, you should see Signed in as username#discrim (id) after a few seconds.

Adding the bot to your server

Note: This process will eventually be replaced by an invite command.

  1. To add the bot to your server, paste the following link into your browser. Your client ID can be found on the applications page in the Discord Developer Portal

  2. Select the server that you would like to add the bot to.

  3. Try it out! [prefix]help to see what Dozer can do.