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* The SensorVL6180 class initialises and controls access to
* the SparkFun VL6180 Range sensor.
#ifndef _PIWARS_SENSORVL6180_H
#define _PIWARS_SENSORVL6180_H
#include <atomic>
#include <thread>
#include <cstdint>
#include <cstddef>
#include "Sensor.h"
#include "I2C.h"
namespace PiWars {
class SensorVL6180 : public Sensor, public I2CExternal {
// Initialize the VL6180 ready for use
// Checks if the sensor is present. Some sensors can be dynamically
// added or removed from the robot, or turned on and off, so arn't
// always available for use.
// @returns true if the sensor exists
bool exists();
// Enables the sensor ready for use, starting a background thread
// to process and read in results
// @returns true if successfully enabled
bool enable();
// Disable the sensor, shutting down the background thread
void disable();
// Returns the current range in mm
// @returns The range in mm. Note: A range of 255 indicates the range wasn't
// read successfully for some reason
uint8_t range() { return _range.load(); }
void init(); //<! Initialise the range sensor
static void writeByte(I2C *i2c, uint16_t reg, char data); //<! The VL6180 has 16 bit registers, so we need a special write call
static char readByte(I2C *i2c, uint16_t reg); //<! The VL6180 has 16 bit registers, so we need a special read call
static void rangeReader(std::atomic<bool> &quit, std::atomic<uint8_t> &range); //<! Background thread for polling the sensor
bool _initialised; //<! Indicates if the sensor has been intialised
std::atomic<uint8_t> _range; //<! The last successfully read in range.
std::thread *_rangeReader; //<! Background thread for reading in the range
std::atomic<bool> _rangeReaderQuit; //<! Used to indicate when the thread should exit
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