TeamSpeak 3 Server Status Viewer is a simple status dashboard powered by PHP.
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TeamSpeak 3 Server Stats Viewer (TS3SSV)

TeamSpeak 3 Server Stats Viewer is a simple status dashboard powered by PHP. Originally a fork of TSStatus (

screenshot of TS3ServerStatusViewer

Download, install

  • Download
  • Extract the archive and upload it to your webspace/website
  • Give the file ts3ssv.php.cache write permission (chmod 777)
  • Navigate to yoursite.tld/setup.php
  • You will get a red warning because the generator is disabled by default
  • To enable the generator you have to edit setup.php and replace $enableGenerator = false; by $enableGenerator = true
  • Now you can test and customize TS3SSV. The generator will output/update the codes needed to display your status page
  • Don't forget to disable the script when you done!

Configuration options

	useServerId: use specific server udp port

	useServerPort: define server id

	imagePath: path to the TSStatus icons directory
		$tsstatus->imagePath = "/tsstatus/img/";

	clearServerGroupFlags: clear all server groups flags

	setServerGroupFlag: define a server group flag
		$tsstatus->setServerGroupFlag(6, 'servergroup_300.png');

	clearChannelGroupFlags: clear all channel groups flags

	setChannelGroupFlag: define a channel group flag
		$tsstatus->setChannelGroupFlag(5, 'changroup_100.png');
		$tsstatus->setChannelGroupFlag(6, 'changroup_200.png');

	showNicknameBox: show/hide the nickname box
		$tsstatus->showNicknameBox = true/false;

	timeout: The timeout, in seconds, for connect, read, write operations
		$tsstatus->timeout = 2;

	showPasswordBox: show/hide the password box
		$tsstatus->showPasswordBox = false; // never render the password box
		$tsstatus->showPasswordBox = true; // the box will be rendered only if the server have a password

	setLoginPassword: set the ServerQuery login/password
		$tsstatus->setLoginPassword("ServerQueryLogin", "ServerQueryPassword");

	setCache: activate caching system to prevent bans from the server... you are banned extra_msg=you may retry in XXX seconds
		$tsstatus->setCache(5, "/tmp/mycachefile");
		The first parameter is the cache time in seconds
		The second parameter is the file were the datas will be stored (.../tsstatus/tsstatus.php.cache if not specified)
		The cache file MUST be writable

	limitToChannels: define a list of channel to render, others will be ignored
		$tsstatus->limitToChannels(1, 5, 17); // only render channels with ids equal to 1, 5 and 17

		$tsstatus->hideEmptyChannels = true/false;

	hideParentChannels: Use this options with limitToChannels or hideEmptyChannels
		$tsstatus->hideParentChannels = true/false;

Recognized Status

		- client is talking
		- client is away
		- harware input muted
		- harware output muted
		- input muted
		- output muted

		- channel is full
		- passworded channel

Recognized flags

		- Server admin
		- Channel admin
		- Channel operator

		- default channel
		- passworded channel
		- moderated channel



	- start by creating a fork of TSStatus ( - new version nummber (v1)
	- optimization and adaptation
	- add index.php
	- MIT License


	- select server by udp port or server id
	- better special characters support
	- users are now sorted by talk power
	- channels ids are now used for connect links, this prevent bugs with special characters
	- bug fixes when multiple servers are diplayed on one page
	- some visual improvements
	- removed decodeUTF8
	- new features, hideEmptyChannels and hideParentChannels


	- work with BETA 18 servers
	- added showPasswordBox, setLoginPassword, setCache and limitToChannels methods. See "Advanced usage" section for more informations. All these new features are implemented in the generator.
	- as suggested by COOLover on the official Teamspeak forum, TSStatus now send servergrouplist and channelgrouplist commands and call setServerGroupFlag and setChannelGroupFlag according to the received datas.


	- tested with severs BETA 3,5,6,7,8
	- first release of the TSStatus generator script
	- added a new property, showNicknameBox, to show/hide the nickname box
	- improved error messages. sockets and Teamspeak servers errors are now displayed with the error message and error number
	- added a timeout property for connect, read, write operations
	- properly disconnect from server and send the quit message
	- code cleanup


	- work with BETA 5 servers
	- added a decodeUTF8 method for specials chars