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sax = require 'sax'
events = require 'events'
# Underscore has a nice function for this, but we try to go without dependencies
isEmpty = (thing) ->
return typeof thing is "object" && thing? && Object.keys(thing).length is 0
class exports.ValidationError extends Error
constructor: (message) ->
@message = message
class exports.Parser extends events.EventEmitter
constructor: (opts) ->
# default options. for compatibility's sake set to some
# sub-optimal settings. might change in the future.
@options =
explicitCharkey: false
trim: true
# normalize implicates trimming, just so you know
normalize: true
# set default attribute object key
attrkey: "@"
# set default char object key
charkey: "#"
# always put child nodes in an array
explicitArray: false
# ignore all attributes regardless
ignoreAttrs: false
# merge attributes and child elements onto parent object. this may
# cause collisions.
mergeAttrs: false
# optional validator for schema-driven generawtion
validator: null
# overwrite them with the specified options, if any
@options[key] = value for own key, value of opts
reset: =>
# remove all previous listeners for events, to prevent event listener
# accumulation
# make the SAX parser. tried trim and normalize, but they are not
# very helpful
@saxParser = sax.parser true, {
trim: false,
normalize: false
# emit one error event if the sax parser fails. this is mostly a hack, but
# the sax parser isn't state of the art either.
err = false
@saxParser.onerror = (error) =>
if ! err
err = true
@emit "error", error
# always use the '#' key, even if there are no subkeys
# setting this property by and is deprecated, yet still supported.
# better pass it as explicitCharkey option to the constructor
@EXPLICIT_CHARKEY = @options.explicitCharkey
@resultObject = null
stack = []
# aliases, so we don't have to type so much
attrkey = @options.attrkey
charkey = @options.charkey
@saxParser.onopentag = (node) =>
obj = {}
obj[charkey] = ""
unless @options.ignoreAttrs
for own key of node.attributes
if attrkey not of obj and not @options.mergeAttrs
obj[attrkey] = {}
if @options.mergeAttrs
obj[key] = node.attributes[key]
obj[attrkey][key] = node.attributes[key]
# need a place to store the node name
obj["#name"] =
stack.push obj
@saxParser.onclosetag = =>
obj = stack.pop()
nodeName = obj["#name"]
delete obj["#name"]
s = stack[stack.length - 1]
# remove the '#' key altogether if it's blank
if obj[charkey].match(/^\s*$/)
delete obj[charkey]
obj[charkey] = obj[charkey].trim() if @options.trim
obj[charkey] = obj[charkey].replace(/\s{2,}/g, " ").trim() if @options.normalize
# also do away with '#' key altogether, if there's no subkeys
# unless EXPLICIT_CHARKEY is set
if Object.keys(obj).length == 1 and charkey of obj and not @EXPLICIT_CHARKEY
obj = obj[charkey]
if @options.emptyTag != undefined && isEmpty obj
obj = @options.emptyTag
if @options.validator?
xpath = "/" + (node["#name"] for node in stack).concat(nodeName).join("/")
obj = @options.validator(xpath, s and s[nodeName], obj)
# check whether we closed all the open tags
if stack.length > 0
if not @options.explicitArray
if nodeName not of s
s[nodeName] = obj
else if s[nodeName] instanceof Array
s[nodeName].push obj
old = s[nodeName]
s[nodeName] = [old]
s[nodeName].push obj
if not (s[nodeName] instanceof Array)
s[nodeName] = []
s[nodeName].push obj
# if explicitRoot was specified, wrap stuff in the root tag name
if @options.explicitRoot
# avoid circular references
old = obj
obj = {}
obj[nodeName] = old
@resultObject = obj
@emit "end", @resultObject
@saxParser.ontext = @saxParser.oncdata = (text) =>
s = stack[stack.length - 1]
if s
s[charkey] += text
parseString: (str, cb) =>
if cb? and typeof cb is "function"
@on "end", (result) ->
cb null, result
@on "error", (err) ->
cb err
if str.toString().trim() is ''
@emit "end", null
return true
@saxParser.write str.toString()
catch ex
if ex instanceof exports.ValidationError
@emit("error", ex.message)
throw ex
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