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More fixed unit tests

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commit 52bf0fab1f9ef1542221188f8872dad843638099 1 parent 37effb6
@Leonidas-from-XIV authored
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  1. +8 −7 test/
15 test/
@@ -123,13 +123,14 @@ module.exports =
equ r, null)
'test parse with custom char and attribute object keys': skeleton(attrkey: 'attrobj', charkey: 'charobj', (r) ->
- assert.equal r['chartest']['attrobj']['desc'], 'Test for CHARs'
- assert.equal r['chartest']['charobj'], 'Character data here!'
- assert.equal r['cdatatest']['attrobj']['desc'], 'Test for CDATA'
- assert.equal r['cdatatest']['attrobj']['misc'], 'true'
- assert.equal r['cdatatest']['charobj'], 'CDATA here!'
- assert.equal r['nochartest']['attrobj']['desc'], 'No data'
- assert.equal r['nochartest']['attrobj']['misc'], 'false')
+ console.log 'Result object: ' + util.inspect r, false, 10
+ equ r.sample.chartest[0].attrobj.desc, 'Test for CHARs'
+ equ r.sample.chartest[0].charobj, 'Character data here!'
+ equ r.sample.cdatatest[0].attrobj.desc, 'Test for CDATA'
+ equ r.sample.cdatatest[0].attrobj.misc, 'true'
+ equ r.sample.cdatatest[0].charobj, 'CDATA here!'
+ equ r.sample.nochartest[0].attrobj.desc, 'No data'
+ equ r.sample.nochartest[0].attrobj.misc, 'false')
'test child node without explicitArray': skeleton(explicitArray: false, (r) ->
assert.equal r['arraytest']['item'][0]['subitem'], 'Baz.'
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