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+Apart from the default settings, there is a number of options that can be
+specified for the parser. Options are specified by ``new Parser({optionName:
+value})``. Possible options are:
+ * `explicitCharkey` (default: `false`)
+ * `trim` (default: `true`): Trim the whitespace at the beginning and end of
+ text nodes.
+ * `normalize` (default: `true`): Trim whitespaces inside text nodes.
+ * `explicitRoot` (default: `false`): Set this if you want to get the root
+ node in the resulting object.
+ * `emptyTag` (default: `undefined`): what will the value of empty nodes be.
+ Default is `{}`.
+These default settings are for backward-compatibility (and might change in the
+future). For the most 'clean' parsing, you should disable `normalize` and
+`trimming` and enable `explicitRoot`.
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