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@@ -130,9 +130,25 @@ value})``. Possible options are:
the resulting structure somehow, however you want. See unit tests
for an example.
These default settings are for backward-compatibility (and might change in the
future). For the most 'clean' parsing, you should disable `normalize` and
`trimming` and enable `explicitRoot`.
These default settings are for backward-compatibility. These are scheduled to
change to a more 'clean' way of parsing in version 0.2.
Updating to new version
As version 0.2 will change the default parsing settings version 0.1.14
introduced the default settings for version 0.2.
var xml2js = require('xml2js');
var parser = new xml2js.Parser(xml2js.defaults["0.2"]);
To get the 0.1 defaults in version 0.2 you can just use
`xml2js.defaults["0.1"]` in the same place. This provides you with enough time
to migrate to the saner way of parsing in xml2js 0.2. We try to make the
migration as simple and gentle as possible, but some breakage cannot be
Running tests, development

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