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If you're a japanese learner you can probably guess what rikai-notify is. It is a dictionary lookup tool in the style of Rikaichan.


To build and use, you need a number of prerequisites:

  • valac (>=0.14.0)
  • libnotify-dev (>=0.7)
  • libgtk-3-dev
  • some python (2.x and 3.x are fine)
  • rikaichan & Japanese-English dictionary

To build it, you need to run ./waf configure in the source folder, which will check whether you have all neccessary things. Don't worry, it's much faster than the usual ./configure of autotools. After that finished successfully, you just need to run ./waf which will build the binary. This is also fast. After that you can run the binary in build/src/rikai-notify or move it where you want.

How it works

rikai-notify reads all words you select and tries to look up japanese words in the dictionary. It uses the Rikaichan dictionary, so it knows the exact same words as Rikaichan. If it has found a translation, it displays a desktop notification with the translation. So you can conveniently browse your PDFs, text files etc. and look up words that you don't know.